Honour Winnipeg’s Water Source

I’ve never had to think about where my water comes from; whether it is safe, or if I even have it readily available to me. In Winnipeg, our water comes from the Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, who have themselves been under a boil water advisory since 1997.

Honour the Source is a great resource for understanding and supporting Shoal Lake 40:

The community has an answer to this problem, one it considers essential to their survival and viability as a people: ‘Freedom Road’

It’s SL40’s name for a new, all-weather access road. Total construction costs: $30 million. Both the City and the Province of Manitoba support the road project, and have committed matching funds: the only hold-out is Ottawa, which refuses to invest the final $10 million.

The best time to stop Harper—and his government’s inconceivable refusal to lifting Shoal Lake 40’s 18 year long boil water advisory—is now. Since the Conservative Party assholes won’t do anything, you can

Beer Winnipeg Blog

Another sign of life in the Winnipeg craft beer scene is the existence of Beer Winnipeg, a blog dedicated to the craft beer scene in Winnipeg. I came across it through their recent interview with Nicole Barry about the hopefully soon-to-open Peg Beer Co. brewpub in the east Exchange.

What is exciting is that Nicole also wants to get feedback from the community. She said that they will not be packaging beer for the first 3-4 months. Beer will only be available from the taps on site. This will give them time to get feedback on their recipe design, find out what people like and what they don’t and will help them refine their beers before moving to the packaging stage.

And it’s on WordPress.com, so it’s really easy to follow them in our steadily-improving Reader.

Indie Game: The Movie at Sundance

Winnipeg-based BlinkWorks Productions has just announced that their crowd-funded documentary Indie Game: The Movie about independent video game makers will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. I didn’t pay much attention when I heard they were making this movie, since my own opinion on video games largely skews into the “waste of time” category. But, the documentary looks like it focuses on more universal themes of creativity, struggle, and drive in the lives of the creators of these video games. What drives them to do what they do? I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Winnipeggers can watch the outside-of-Sundance premiere on Feb 3, 2012.

Congratulations to Lisanne and James on the Sundance selection!

Such Great Heights

When I first became a Christian, I attended Winnipeg’s own megachurch for some time. Although I now reject much of what that church taught me, many of the catchphrases I heard there continue to jangle about in my skull.

Take the following pithy statement:

I’d rather shoot for the starts and land on the moon than shoot for the mud and hit it every time.

Like all good proverbs, the metaphors at work here do a number of things. There’s up vs down, large vs small, success vs failure—although the success in the second aim is pyhrric.

But the core idea is in setting your ambitions so much higher than what you think is possible, and to go for it. Not only this, but be willing to fail, be discouraged, and get disappointed in the process. Just keep in mind that failure might just look like landing on the moon.

But I’ve always wondered about the moon part, specifically, what would happen if I shot for the moon? The moon is a pretty solid achievement; definitely worth shooting for. But the sneaking suspicion latent in this aphorism is that, although we’re capable of reaching the moon, we won’t reach it by shooting for it. It’s only when our target is far beyond that we’ll reach such great heights.

This lesson has come home to roost in my ambition to post every day until the end of the year. I’ve missed a few days, and more recently, which has been discouraging. But I’ve made 28 posts in 36 days, or about 5.5 posts per week. If I’d said to myself “I’d like to post 5–6 times per week,” that I would have been anywhere near as prolific in my prose output. Although I was pretty sure I wouldn’t achieve my initial post-per-day goal, I’m glad I shot for the stars.