What is Finance For?


The financial collapse of 2008—centred on subprime mortgages—was my first real exposure to the insanity of the “financial sector.” Until then I’d been to young to really pay attention, but suddenly the preposterous games being played with the world’s economy came into sharp focus. When they lost, the world lost, but they didn’t. So The … Read more →

Nature or Nurture


As someone who recently became a parent, the nature vs nurture debate has ceased to have a merely academic interest. Is my son purely who he is because of the grab bag of genes my wife and I saddled him with? Or is he a tabula rasa awaiting the imprint of the right kind of … Read more →

Jim Butcher’s New Series


Jim Butcher is one of my favourite authors. He’s most well known for The Dresden Files, a punchy mystery series that happens to involve wizards and various mythical creatures in modern day Chicago. Not only is it hilarious and well-written, it has gotten steadily better as the series has progressed to its current 15 book … Read more →

The Space Doctor’s Big Idea


Randall Munroe is most famous for xkcd, but he’s also stepped into books, most recently with Thing Explainer, a fascinating attempt to explain complicated things with only the 1000 most common English words. He wrote about Albert Eintstein’s theories of relativity in the same style for the New Yorker with The Space Doctor’s Big Idea: … Read more →

Bread is Broken?


The current trend of demonizing wheat tires me. Whether gluten or carbohydrates (or both) are bedevilling, people are probably healthier in avoiding them simply because wheat is so omnipresent in prepared foods that cooking from scratch is the only way to avoid it. However, modern industrial agriculture has done us no favours when it comes … Read more →