Life is a Gift

life is a gift
we know not from
where it comes
or goes

more precious than
iphones or hummers that
fade far faster
than this flesh

life is a gift
that we never could have
asked for
or imagined

take it for gifted
this life
in love
it has sprung

in love
in loss
in fear and trembling

Twilight Falling Chapter 3

Although I haven’t been working on it very much lately (too busy), I thought that I’d post another draft chapter of Twilight Falling. I introduced you to Braeden and a mysterious stranger in a draft of chapter 1 (.pdf link).

Now here comes Chapter 3 (yes, I know that you’re missing Ch.2, but this is supposed to be a tease!), which introduces you to Karya, who should be an intriguing character!

Read: Twilight Falling (Ch.3, first draft) (.pdf link)

As always, comments, criticisms, and/or gratuitous adulation is more than welcome.

Twilight Falling

I mentioned a few posts back that I’d be doing some other writing, since my blog had come to dominate my writing. I’ve long harbored the (probably foolish) fantasy to write, well, fantasy novels. So, I’ve started to write one.

Here it is: Twilight Falling (Ch.1, first draft)

Oh, and there’s currently about 6 chapters, but they’re in need of some heavy revision.

Feel free to leave comments, criticisms, pleas for autographs…