My name is Matthew Wiebe, but people I know call me Matt. This is my weblog. For more information about the blog proper, see the colophon.

Matt could at this point resort to speaking about himself in the third person due to the difficulty in accurately or usefully describing oneself. But I’ll resist that temptation and say that you’ll get a much better idea of who I am (and how I’ve changed!) by reading the posts I’ve done over the years on this blog and interacting with me in the comments.

But, for the lazy, here’s a non-exhaustive list of facts about me from which you may draw hasty conclusions:

  • I am married to a beautiful woman named Jaclyn.
  • I am committed to following Jesus.
  • I work for Automattic.
  • I have a B.A. (Honours) in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts from St. Stephen’s University.
  • I was born and live on the Canadian prairies, currently residing in Winnipeg.
  • If I were Superman, my kryptonite would be cookies.